3D Cities Libraries

Create stunning 3D scenarios using our 3D Cities Libraries. These libraries can be downloaded from our online store and enable drag-and-drop 3D functionality in Esri CityEngine and ArcGIS Desktop.




Our libraries let you create 3D building models with a few mouse clicks. The process starts from a 2D parcel, and can generate a variety of urban structures. The result is a semantic 3D model, with different reporting functions and levels of detail.










Infinite Possibilities

Our libraries are fully parametric CGA grammars, which means you can generate different buildings of the same type using the same rule package. You can vary the footprint, the height, the style, the facade and other parameters.






3D Cities at your Fingertips

Create personalized designs at the click of a button. Use our libraries to generate appealing buildings and neighborhoods. Modeling a complete 3D city was never easier.





Base Library

Use the power of our Base Library for a clean representation of your urban planning. 3D city libraries can be used for transit oriented development and form-based code designs. Our Abstract Library features typical urban elements at a simplified level of detail. Ideal for clean, simple visuals and for 3D printing.





SmartZoning+ combines the SmartZoning Smart3D analytics together with the 3D Cities Library and Abstract Library into one integrated rule package. Generate abstract and detailed models, as well as Smart3D analytics all from one single library package, and easily switch between the different modeling options.





West Coast Library

The West Coast Library offers fully parametric CGA grammars for creating highly detailed 3D city models. It covers typical Californian building scenarios inspired by cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The full package includes 13 rule files with 9 land uses: single family houses, row houses, condominiums, multi family perimetral houses, mixed use downtown buildings, offices, high-rise towers, malls and car parks.








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