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Harvard Integrates 3D Campus Maps with ArcGIS and CloudCities

Harvard University has several campuses in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the neighboring city of Boston, plus footprints around the state and in multiple international locations. In total, Harvard manages 660 buildings that give its 21,000 students and more than 16,000 faculty and staff access to the university's renowned working environments. Stepping... read more →
Oct 22
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Using 3D City Libraries in Game Engines

This post aims to introduce both the advantages and ease to which CityEngine can be used for varying forms of media. This includes a step-­by-­step tutorial on bringing models created in CityEngine to three popular platforms; Unity, Unreal Engine, and LumenRT. From providing a haunted setting in the latest nightmare­-inducing... read more →
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CloudCities released – A 3D YouTube For Your Smart City

Press Release - SmarterBetterCities, Redlands, CA, July 17, 2015 Today SmarterBetterCities has announced the public release of CloudCities ( “CloudCities puts your city at your fingertips, making complex decisions easier, smarter and a lot more magical. It’s an ever-growing family of innovative cloud apps that lets you design, monitor and... read more →
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Incredible Educational Institution Package

SmarterBetterCities is thrilled to offer it’s first package exclusively for Educational Institutions. If you are a Student, Grad Student or Professor and affiliated with a recognized Educational Institution you are in luck! For a limited time our SmartZoning Plus library for Esri CityEngine and ArcGIS Pro will be FREE to... read more →
Dec 09

Exclusive Esri Distributor Package

SmarterBetterCities is excited to announce a new package exclusively for Esri Distributors. For a limited time our SmartZoning Plus library for Esri CityEngine and ArcGIS Pro will be FREE for non-commercial use and you’ll have access to our CloudCities Beta FREE version. Go to our shop now to download your free... read more →