What is CloudCities?

CloudCities is an online 3D content sharing website, designed to be extremely easy to share 3D urban models on your website, blogs, social media and mobile devices. Users simply upload their 3D content to a server where it is securely stored. After it is saved users can easily link it to their social media accounts or embed it directly into their website. Based on the package purchased users are given the ability to customize how their 3D scene is viewed and what functions are available. CloudCities is the first 3D Web-Sharing Platform of its kind that give users the control over how their 3D content is viewed and shared.




Upload your 3D Content to the Cloud

Scenes can be uploaded as .3ws 3D webscene files. This file format can be exported from Esri CityEngine, Esri ArcGIS Pro or Esri 3D Analyst.



Share your 3D Content

Scenes can shared as a weblink, through email, on social media, and can even be embedded into your website or blog. A share button provides a scene URL and embed codes.




CloudCities uses modern HTML5 and WebGL standards, which means content can be viewed on any recent device with a web browser. CloudCities is compatible with recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. CloudCities works on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. CloudCities is optimized for phone and tablet devices.



ArcGIS Online Integration

CloudCities is fully integrated with Esri ArcGIS Online. This means that you can access and share 3D webscenes directly from your ArcGIS account. In this case scenes remain hosted by Esri.



Smart Layers

CloudCities enables grouping of 3D content into Smart Layers groups. These can be used to create intuitive time sliders, range sliders and toggled layer groups in your 3D scenes.





Dashboards let you visualize analytics and reports connected to your 3D model. The visual Dashboard editor makes it easy to design powerful visualization styles.



Try it

CloudCities can be embedded just like a YouTube video in your website or blog. Just like here:





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